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Learn How to Turn Off Gravatars in WordPress

Learn How to Turn Off Gravatars in WordPress

Learn How to Turn Off Gravatars in WordPress – Would you want to turn off Gravatars in WordPress?

WordPress displays user profile images or avatars using Gravatars. Users can use the same profile picture on other sites by using this third-party service.

The usage of Gravatars is quite beneficial, especially in WordPress comments. Some users, however, may not care to utilize Gravatars at all.

This tutorial will demonstrate how simple it is to deactivate Gravatars in WordPress. We’ll also demonstrate how to employ regional avatars in their place.

Learn How to Turn Off Gravatars in WordPress

Why Should You Disable Gravatars in WordPress?

Users may upload a profile picture to their WordPress website and utilize it throughout the internet with the help of Gravatar, a third-party service.

In essence, you register for an account and post your personal picture.

managing gravatar account

After that, anytime you use that specific email address on a website that accepts Gravatar, your profile picture from the Gravatar website will be shown automatically.

For a variety of reasons, some website owners could choose not to utilize Gravatars.

For example, they might want to turn it off to make the website work better and load faster.

Similarly, because of privacy concerns, some website owners may not wish to utilize Gravatar.

Now that that is stated, let’s look at how simple it is to deactivate Gravatars in WordPress.

Gravatars on WordPress are disabled.

Gravatars on your website may be easily customized or disabled using WordPress.

Before you can go to the Settings » Discussion page, you have to log in to the website’s admin area.

To stop showing avatars, uncheck the box next to the “Show Avatars” option in the Avatars section by scrolling down from here.

turnoff gravatars

Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button to save your settings.

Gravatars will no longer be displayed on your website thanks to WordPress. In the admin bar, your Gravatar picture has been replaced with a generic user icon.

user profilephot disabled

Similar to the comments page, Gravatars won’t be shown there anymore.

comments wpadmin page

Also, WordPress will stop showing Gravatar pictures in the comments section below your pages and articles.

comments without gravatar

How to use local avatars in WordPress in lieu of Gravatars.

Even though some users don’t want Gravatar to display their profile images, they can still want them to appear in author biographies and other places.

This enables users to post their own profile photographs and lets you preserve WordPress’ avatar feature. It also turns off Gravatars and stops your site from sending any requests to the Gravatar site.

To do this, you need to get the WP User Avatars plugin and turn it on.

After activation, go to Settings » Discussion and choose “Block Gravatar” from the drop-down menu.

block gravatar

Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button to save your settings.

Now, the plugin will stop any queries to Gravatar.com from happening, but your avatar will still work.

In order to add profile photos, users must upload their own photos to their accounts.

Visit the Users » Profile page directly. You may use a picture from the media library or upload one from your PC here.

local avatar

Don’t forget to click the Update Profile button to save your changes.

Instead of Gravatars, WordPress will now utilize custom profile pictures. It will display the default avatar picture you’ve chosen in the settings for all unregistered users.

It will use each registered user’s submitted personalized avatar picture. If a user hasn’t uploaded their own picture to be their avatar, the plugin will use the default picture.

We really hope that this post has shown you how to turn off Gravatars in WordPress. Check out our tutorial on “How to Add a Wishlist to Your WooCommerce Store” as well.

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