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Learn how to quickly update URLs while moving your WordPress Website

Learn how to quickly update URLs while moving your WordPress Website

Do you want to adjust URLs after transferring your WordPress site?

Learn how to quickly update URLs while moving your WordPress Website – It might take a lot of time to manually modify each article or page only to change outdated URLs. Fortunately, upgrading outdated URLs may be automated thanks to WordPress plugins.

We’ll demonstrate in this post how simple it is to adjust URLs while relocating a WordPress website.

Learn how to quickly update URLs while moving your WordPress Website

When and why should URLs be updated?

Think about moving a WordPress website to a different domain. Then, from your WordPress dashboard, go to the Settings » General page to modify the WordPress address and site URL

wp site address

The URLs that you previously placed in your posts and pages are unaffected by this, however. Also, the URLs of the photos you’ve posted to your WordPress site stay the same.

It might take some time to manually update each blog post’s and page’s URLs. Also, it’s possible that you’ll forget some URLs, which could cause links on your website to stop working.

Because of this, update your URLs when transferring your WordPress website.

Your users will have a more pleasant experience using your website as they will easily locate the page they are seeking. Changing your WordPress URLs not only improves your SEO but also helps search engines find new content to add to their indexes.

Last but not least, you must make sure that the 301 redirects from your old domain to the new name are set up correctly to guarantee that people are always led to the appropriate location.

This is crucial since, among other things, Google, social networking postings, and other websites are probably linked to your previous domain.

Now, let’s look at how to change URLs quickly and easily while moving your WordPress site.

Update the URLs after moving a WordPress site.

Using the Go Live Replace Urls plugin for WordPress is the simplest method to update outdated URLs on your website. With this free WordPress plugin, you can edit URLs in your posts, pages, photos, excerpts, widgets, and more.

However, before changing every link, make sure you have a full backup of your WordPress site. In the event that anything goes wrong during the upgrade process, you will be able to quickly roll back.

The Go Live Update Urls must then be installed and made active on your site.

You may access Tools » Go Live from your WordPress admin panel after activation.

select core tables to update

After that, by choosing the WordPress core tables settings in the plugin, you may edit URLs in your articles, comments, options, user data, and other parts of your website.

Your website’s data is structured and kept in WordPress’ core tables. For instance, a wp comments table will have all the details regarding comments on your site as well as information on the commenter.

In addition, Go Live Update Urls allows you to update outdated URLs in the information utilized by many plugins on your website. You may skip this step since it is optional.

update urls in plugin data

The parts for upgrading the old links to the new URLs may be found by scrolling below. Enter the “Old URL” and the “New URL” in the appropriate boxes now.

enter old and new url

Simply click the “Update URLs” button when that is finished. All of the website’s URLs will now be updated to use the new domain by the plugin.

We really hope that moving your blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org was done correctly for you. Consider reading “How to Transfer Your WordPress.com Blog to WordPress.org” as well.

If you are still afraid and don’t want to take any risks, then hire our professional WordPress developer to solve all your WordPress-related problems and issues.

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