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Learn How to Manage WordPress Comment Notification Emails

Learn How to Manage WordPress Comment Notification Emails

Learn How to Manage WordPress Comment Notification Emails – Do you want to enhance the emails you get when a WordPress user comments?

On many blogs, comments foster user interaction and conversation. However, WordPress could do a better job of alerting users to new comment activity.

To increase user engagement on your website, we’ll teach you how to handle WordPress comment notification emails more effectively in this post.

Learn How to Manage WordPress Comment Notification Emails

Why Upgrade WordPress Comment Email Notifications?

Especially on news websites and WordPress blogs, comments are a significant component of many WordPress websites. More comments mean that the audience is more interested, which leads to more page visits and, in the end, more money.

The commenting mechanism that comes with every WordPress page is, however, quite limited. Only site administrators and article writers get comment notifications. Also, there is no way for other people who visit the site to be notified automatically when new comments are posted.

Wouldn’t it be great if users could be notified when someone responds to their own comment or likes a post?

Having said that, let’s look at how you may improve the built-in WordPress commenting system and email notifications to provide your website’s visitors with a more enjoyable browsing experience.

The Default Comment Notification Options

WordPress does not by default provide the ability to notify commentators.

It does, however, provide an option to notify site administrators via email whenever a new comment is posted and if a reply is being held for moderation.

Choose Settings » Discussion from your WordPress dashboard, and then click the “Email me any time” link to see these options.

email me whenever settings

Only the site administrators get any of these alerts. When a new comment is made, WordPress also sends an email to the author of the article.

If your website receives a lot of comments, you may not want to get email alerts for every comment that is being held for moderation. To turn them off, just uncheck the box here.

How to Inform Users When Their Comments Have Been Accepted

A user will be informed through a notice if their comment is being held for moderation. Without visiting your site again, they won’t know if you allowed it or not.

Unfortunately, a lot of these people don’t come back to your site very often, so they won’t know that you’ve accepted their comments.

Utilizing the Comment Approved Notifier Extended plugin can help you resolve this.

When a user’s remark is accepted, the Comment Approved Notifier Extension will let them know. There are no further settings that need to be configured since it works straight out of the box.

How to enable WordPress users to subscribe to comments

People who leave comments won’t be told how people respond, so they won’t know if their comments were accepted or not.

They will need to go back to your website again after leaving a comment to check whether anybody has responded.

To fix this, you need to get the Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin and turn it on.

Your users may subscribe to comments on any item, whether or not they leave any themselves. Furthermore, users can unsubscribe at any time.

stcr settings in wordpress

How to enable WordPress users to only subscribe to their own comments.

Many people may not want to receive notifications for every comment made on a piece of content. They might want to know, though, if someone just replied to something they said.

Using the same “Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin,” you can also add this function. You must install and activate the plugin first.

Visit the StCR » Comment Form from your WordPress dashboard by going there next. Next, choose “Yes” under the “Advanced Subscription” option.

stcr settings in wordpress

Under the comment box, users can now choose to subscribe to all comments or just their own comments.

How to Make Post Subscriptions Available to Authors

If you have a blog with several writers, those authors may wish to follow the conversations taking place on your website.

However, you may use the Better Notifications for WordPress plugin to achieve this if you want a specific user group to get all comment notifications.

Once the plugin is activated, you can give your notice a title at the top by going to Notifications > Add New in your WordPress dashboard.

Then, from the “Notification for” dropdown menu, choose “New Comment.” Then, just enter the user roles in the “Send To” area that will be receiving these messages.

certain user roles

You can also use the plugin to let the article’s author know about new comments and stop certain user roles from getting emails when new comments are made.

How to Make a Custom WordPress Comment Notification

Want to design your own unique WordPress comment notifications? You may use custom notifications to replace the built-in WordPress alerts with your own.

To build your own comment notifications after activation, go to the Notifications > Add New page in your WordPress admin panel.

create a custom notification

The alerts for new comments, comments that need to be moderated, and comment responses are all editable. You may also send alerts to specific users or to certain user roles.

You can also enter email addresses by hand that doesn’t belong to site users who are using the plugin.

We really hope that this post has given you some new insight into WordPress comment notification emails. You might also be interested in our step-by-step guide on “How to Customize WordPress Search Page Results

If you are still not able to short out this or face any issues, then hire our expert WordPress developer to fix this issue.

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