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Learn how to make WooCommerce products searchable by SKU

Learn how to make WooCommerce products searchable by SKU

Would you want an SKU code to be able to be used by your consumers to search for WooCommerce products?

Learn how to make WooCommerce products searchable by SKU – Users can easily locate the perfect item they’re seeking by searching for SKU numbers since they uniquely identify your items. The issue is that WooCommerce does not by default allow SKU search.

We’ll teach you how to set up WooCommerce so that visitors may search by SKU in this post.

Learn how to make WooCommerce products searchable by SKU

Why Does WooCommerce Allow Search by Product SKU?

Clients must locate the items they want to buy on your WooCommerce site for it to be successful. SKUs, which stand for “Stock Keeping Units,” are often used by e-commerce systems to make it easier to keep track of each product.

Why not allow customers to search for the SKU to discover the desired goods in your shop right away if they are aware of it?

The issue is that WooCommerce SKUs are kept in custom fields, which are not by default indexed or shown in search results. Therefore, looking up the SKU won’t be of any use.

Let’s look at how to address this issue by allowing WooCommerce users to do SKU-based searches by utilizing a product search plugin.

Learn How to Make WooCommerce Support Search by Product SKU

The SearchWP plugin has to be installed and activated initially. The Pro plan is the minimum needed to access WooCommerce integration.

Over 30,000 websites use SearchWP, the greatest custom search plugin for WordPress. You may add live Ajax search for immediate results, change the search algorithm, and more.

You must go to the SearchWP » Settings page after activation and choose the “Support” option to input your license key. It may be found in your account’s download section on the SearchWP website.

product search license

The next step is installing and turning on the WooCommerce Integration extension for SearchWP.

This may also be found in your account’s download section on the SearchWP website. Installing it is similar to installing any other WordPress plugin.

product search woocommerce integration extension

The SearchWP search engine can now be configured to index your product SKUs.

Just make sure you’re on the ‘Engines tab on the SearchWP » Settings page. You must then choose the ‘Sources & Settings’ option.

product search sources and settings

When a popup appears, as a result, make sure the box next to “Products” is ticked. By doing this, SearchWP will be able to index your WooCommerce items.

Also, if you want WooCommerce product reviews to show up in your search results, make sure the “Comments” box is checked. This is so that WooCommerce may save product reviews as comments.

product search check products comments

After finishing, click the “Done” button to exit the pop-up and begin adding the SKU search.

You must now go to the ‘Products’ section by scrolling down. Be aware that the plugin will only look at the title, content (description), slug, and excerpt (short description) of the product by default.

product search add remove attributes

SKUs may be added to SearchWP’s scope by using the ‘Add/Remove Attributes’ option. This will provide a window where you may customize searches by adding specific custom fields and taxonomies.

The Custom Fields box must be filled up with the word “SKU” and the _sku option must be selected from the dropdown menu. SKUs will now appear in the search results pages for WooCommerce.

sku add custom field

Now you may click the “Done” button.

See that the _sku field is now located under the newly added “Custom Fields” section.


The relevant slider will initially be to the left, giving SKU search results the lowest importance in the search results.

You should drag the _sku slider to the right, as you can see above since SKUs are a crucial tool for finding your products.

When finished, go ahead and save your settings by clicking the “Save Engines” button at the top of the screen.

products search rules save engine

The background rebuilding of your search index will then begin with SearchWP. After it is finished, which might take a few minutes, you will be able to search your WooCommerce shop by product SKU.

If you already have search forms on your website, SearchWP will use them automatically, so there is no need to take any further action.

Go to your WooCommerce shop right now to test out the search function.

The long sleeve tee’s SKU in our demo store is “woo-long-sleeve-tee.” The appropriate product is shown when we search for that SKU.

sku search preview

We hope that this guide has shown you how to make WooCommerce products searchable by SKU. Additionally, you may want to learn “How to Set Up a Subscription Box Service in WordPress

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