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Learn how to export entries from WordPress forms to CSV and Excel

Learn how to export entries from WordPress forms to CSV and Excel

Do you want a spreadsheet with your form submissions on it?

Learn how to export entries from WordPress forms to CSV and Excel – When you have a large number of form inputs, exporting them to an Excel or CSV file makes it easier to examine them. Other programs may even utilize the form data.

In this post, we’ll show you how to export WordPress form data to CSV and Excel files.

Learn how to export entries from WordPress forms to CSV and Excel

How Come is WordPress Form Entries Exporting to CSV and Excel?

Applying WordPress forms is a fantastic method to remain in touch with your audience. They help you with things like surveys, coming up with ideas for new products, answering questions from customers, and getting leads from clients.

However, if you have a lot of form submissions, it could be challenging to analyze the data. In this case, it would be helpful to be able to export your data as CSV (comma-separated values) and Excel files.

You might find out, for example, what features or products your customers want most or what problems most people have with your WordPress site.

The fact that WordPress form submissions can be exported to CSV and Excel so they can be used in other programs is another benefit.

You may send your form inputs to analytics tools in addition to spreadsheet programs like Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel. For example, you can use Microsoft Power BI and an Excel or CSV file to make dashboards and other visuals for your form submissions.

In light of this, let’s examine how to build a WordPress form and export form data to CSV and Excel.

Making a WordPress Form to Gather Information

Before you can export form inputs to CSV and Excel, you need a WordPress form.

WPForms is the greatest tool for building WordPress forms. Over 5 million websites utilize the finest contact form plugin for WordPress.

The drag-and-drop form builder provided by WPForms makes it simple to design and edit WordPress forms. You also get form templates that are already made, so you can get started quickly and change the form to fit your needs.

contact form builder

WPForms also has good add-ons that let you keep people from leaving forms, collect payments online, work with email marketing platforms, save users’ geolocations, and more.

For this tutorial, we’ll use the WPForms Pro version, which has more features and lets us export form entries. Additionally, a WPForms Lite version is available for free testing.

WordPress Form Entries CSV and Excel Export

The next step is to export your form entries once you’ve implemented a contact form on your WordPress blog and have started receiving form submissions.

Go to WPForms » Entries in your WordPress admin panel to get started. Click “Export” after selecting the WordPress form whose entries you want to export.

view form entries in wpforms

You will then see all of the entries for the form you choose.

Simply choose “Export All” from the menu.

click export all option

You’ll then see many export choices for your form inputs from WPForms.

Additionally, you may choose which form fields to export. By default, the name, email address, and message fields will be included in the export.

But you can also export the entry ID, date, user agent, user IP, payment status, and other data.

choose export options in wpforms

Simply scroll down to the “Export Options” section from here.

To export the data in Excel format, tick the “Export in Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)” box. Unchecking the option causes WPForms to export as a CSV file.

download export file

Using the custom date range option, you can export data from a certain time period.

Additionally, you may filter out form input using the search option. For instance, you may export forms with or without a certain name, email, message, ID, and more.

Next, save the file to your computer by clicking the “Download Export File” option.

A notification stating that your export file was successfully produced will now appear.

export file generated success message

Instructions for Exporting a Single WordPress Form Entry

In addition, WPForms allows you to export a single form submission rather than downloading all of the submissions. If you have a multi-step form and simply need information on a certain lead, this is useful.

From your WordPress dashboard, go to WPForms » Entries and choose a form to look at its entries.

view form entries in wpforms

All of your forms ought to be visible at this point. From here, choose the form with the necessary single entry.

Locate the entry you wish to export on the next page, and then click the “View” button.

view a specific form entry

After that, you’ll get details of your form entry.

Simply choose “Export (CSV)” or “Export (XLSX)” from the Actions meta box on the right to get the file.

export specific form entry

The CSV or Excel file may now be saved to your computer and opened in a spreadsheet program.

Our goal in writing this post was to teach you how to export entries from WordPress forms to CSV and Excel. Check out our guide on “How to Set Up a Subscription Box Service in WordPress” as well.

Learn how to export entries from WordPress forms to CSV and Excel

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