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Learn How to Edit a WordPress Password Protected Page

Learn How to Edit a WordPress Password Protected Page

Learn How to Edit a WordPress Password Protected Page – Do you wish to designate a certain page on your website as password-protected?

WordPress password security enables you to conceal information and limit user access to certain pages. But the default layout for putting in a login name and password is simple and not very attractive.

We’ll demonstrate how to configure password-protected pages in WordPress in this post.

Learn How to Edit a WordPress Password Protected Page

Why Customize WordPress Password Protected Pages?

You may use the password security option to lock content if you want to create a page or post on your WordPress blog that should only be viewable by certain customers or members.

Similar to this, utilizing a password-protected page makes sense if you’re building a new WordPress website and don’t want everyone to be able to read it.

However, the design of the standard password-protected website is rather plain and unattractive. Here’s a sneak peek at how it appears:

default password protect page preview

You may alter the password-protected page’s look and feel to whatever you’d like by customizing it. It improves the user experience and makes your website more interesting. You may match it to your brand for a more polished appearance.

So, we’ll show you how to use a password to protect WordPress and how to change the look of a single page, your whole site, or just parts of it.

To get to the part you want to read, click on one of the links below:

  1. Learn How to Password Protect a WordPress Page.
  2. Use CSS Hero to Change the Default Password Protected Page Design.

Learn How to Password Protect a WordPress Page.

You should be aware that WordPress has built-in options to password-protect your pages and posts before we demonstrate how to do so.

Simply modifying an existing page or creating a new one will do. Go ahead and choose the “Public” option under “Status & visibility” in the options box on your right once you’re in the WordPress content editor.

change visibility settings in content editor

The choices for post visibility will then appear.

Simply choose the “Password Protected” option and give your page a password.

select password protected option

After you click “Update” or “Publish,” you’ll need a password to get to the live website.

You may now see the page in action by visiting your website.

password protected page preview using content editor

Let’s now examine how to modify your default password-protected page.

Use CSS Hero to Change the Default Password Protected Design.

When you use the WordPress content editor to set a password for a page, the style of that page is based on the theme of your website.

Simply use a program like CSS Hero to modify the page. You can make design and layout changes to your website without changing the code.

Installing and activating the CSS Hero plugin is the first step.

After activation, the WordPress admin bar will now have a CSS hero option. Select “Customize with CSS Hero” if you like.

customize with css hero

If you do this, the CSS Hero visual builder will open and you’ll be able to edit and change your page.

Simply click on any page element to get started.

click an element to start editing

From the panel on your left, you can then make changes to the background colors, add a background picture, choose a new font, adjust the spacing, and more.

For instance, go to the “Background” tab, for instance, and add a background color with a gradient effect. We’ll also alter the color of the “Enter” button as well as the area where users must insert their password.

change the background color

By clicking on the Borders tab, you can also add a border to the main heading of the page.

Simply choose the border’s width, color, style, and any further adjustments you like.

edit the borders and save your changes

Don’t forget to click the “Save & Publish” button at the bottom once you make the modification.

Now that the personalized default password-protected page is up on your website, you may access it.

preview of customized password protected page withcss hero

The problem with CSS Hero is that it doesn’t have the flexibility and ability to make changes that a landing page builder does.

For example, CSS Hero does not allow the addition of features like contact forms, social networking buttons, opt-in forms, countdown clocks, and more.

After that, let’s look at how a landing page builder may be used to personalize certain WordPress pages.

We hope this article helped you learn how to customize a password-protected page in WordPress. Check out our tutorial on “How to Turn Off Gravatars in WordPress” as well.

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