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Learn How to Customize the WooCommerce Login Page

Learn How to Customize the WooCommerce Login Page

Your WooCommerce client login page may be customized, right?

Learn How to Customize the WooCommerce Login Page – The default WordPress login page is uninteresting and does not reflect the branding of your business. Your WooCommerce client login page may be customized to improve the user experience.

In this post, we’ll show you how to make a completely different WooCommerce login page and give you tips on how to change the login page for the checkout process, too.

Learn How to Customize the WooCommerce Login Page

Why Design an Individual WooCommerce Customer Login Page?

Customers will see the standard WordPress login page with only the WordPress logo and branding when they log in to your WooCommerce shop.

wordpress default login page

If all you want to do is view your site’s dashboard, this page is adequate. Customers can be turned off by the simple design, however, and wonder why the login page doesn’t seem like the rest of your website.

You may add your logo and alter the style of the WooCommerce login pages to better fit your website. This improves the user experience and gives your website a more polished appearance.

It also lets you add more form fields, promote certain products, and offer customers special deals.

After that, let’s look at how to make a customized customer login page in WooCommerce.

The WooCommerce Customer Login Form may be modified using WPForms.

Do you want to make a login form that has more form fields and fits in with the look of your website?

Users may only input their email address or username and password on the basic WordPress login page. If you make a custom login form, you can add more fields and let people sign in with their names or phone numbers.

WPForms is the best plugin to use for this. It’s the most user-friendly WordPress form builder available. WPForms helps create more intelligent forms for over 5 million websites.

It’s easy to make a customized WooCommerce login form, and you can put it anywhere in your online shop, like in the sidebar or on a product page.

We’ll use the WPForms Pro plan for this tutorial since it comes with the User Registration extension. To get started, you can also test out WPForms free version.

Installing and activating the WPForms plugin is the first step.

After activation, you may input the license key by going to WPForms » Settings in your WordPress dashboard. The license key is located in the WPForms account section.

wpform license key

The WordPress admin panel’s WPForms » Addons is where you should go next.

After that, click the “Install Addon” option after scrolling down to the “User Registration Addon.”

login wpforms addons

You are now prepared to design a unique login form for WooCommerce. To use the form builder, just click WPForms » Add New.

You may give your form a name by typing it at the top of the next screen. Select the “Use Template” button after finding the “User Login Form” template.

login wpforms select template

The drag and drop builder will then let you personalize your user login form template. Adding new fields to the form or rearranging the ones that are already there in the template is simple with WPForms.

For instance, you may add sophisticated features like phone numbers by dragging and dropping them into the template from the menu on your left.

login wpforms editor1

Every field on the template’s form may be further altered. Simply click on any field to change it, give it a description, and add the requirement that it be filled out.

After that, you may go to the form builder’s “Settings” menu. You may change the “Submit Button Text” to “Log in” under the general settings.

login wpforms button text

Then, go to the “Confirmations” page to change what will happen after a user has successfully signed in.

Simply choose an option from the dropdown box under “Confirmation Type.” Customers may be shown a message, or a page, or be sent to a particular URL.

So that consumers can easily sign in and purchase your goods, you may include your WooCommerce login form on a product page, for instance.

edit confirmation settings in wpforms

Simply click the “Save” button at the top when you are finished.

The WooCommerce client login form has to be added to a page on your website next.

Simply choose “Embed” from the builder’s top menu. Next, you may decide whether to add the form to an already-existing page or design a new one just for it.

emebd a form in page

For now, let’s choose the “Create New Page” option.

The next step is to give your page a name and press the “Let’s Go!” button.

enter a name for new login page

The WPForms login form will then appear within the WordPress content area.

Now you can publish the new page, check your form, and show your clients the customized WooCommerce login.

woocommerce login page preview using wpforms

However, you can easily add your WooCommerce login form to the sidebar of your shop. Customers may sign in fast by seeing your form on every product page in this way.

That’s it. From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance » Widgets. Following that, create a WPForms widget block by clicking the “+” button.

You can then enter a title and choose your login form from a drop-down menu.

add your login form in the sidebar

When finished, press the “Update” button.

When you go to your online shop, the sign-in form is now in the sidebar.

login form in sidebar preview

We trust that this guide has shown you to Customize the WooCommerce Login Page. You may also be interested in learning “Learn how to make WooCommerce products searchable by SKU

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