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Learn How to Add a Wishlist to Your WooCommerce Store

Learn How to Add a Wishlist to Your WooCommerce Store

Learn How to Add a Wishlist to Your WooCommerce Store – Do you want to provide your WooCommerce shop with a wishlist feature?

Visitors may add their favorite goods to a wishlist so they can easily locate them later in your shop and finish their purchase. Additionally, it makes it simple for your visitors to include their favorite things on a bridal registry or other gift registries by sharing them with friends and family.

We’ll demonstrate how to integrate a wishlist into your WooCommerce shop in this post.

Learn How to Add a Wishlist to Your WooCommerce Store

What Are Wishlists, and Why Should WooCommerce Include Them?

Your customers’ and visitors’ favorite goods may be saved on a wishlist. It assists clients in keeping track of the goods they want to purchase in the future so they can discover them easily in your WooCommerce shop.

Additionally, buyers may let their loved ones know what they want. This helps people remember your brand and brings more people to your online business, which will boost sales.

You may also see which goods are most often added to wish lists, which is a bonus. Then, you may run special deals and price cuts on top wishlist items to boost sales.

After that, let’s look at how simple it is to add a wishlist to a WooCommerce shop.

How to Add a Wishlist to Your WooCommerce Store

Using a WordPress plugin like YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is the ideal approach to adding a wishlist to your WooCommerce business.

With the help of this free WooCommerce plugin, your customers can add their favorite items to a wishlist and share those items with their loved ones.

Installing and activating the YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is the first step.

After you turn on the plugin, you can set it up by going to your WordPress dashboard, click on YITH » Wishlist, and then clicking on the “Add to Wishlist settings” tab.

after a product is added to your wishlist

Each product will have an automated “Add to wishlist” link that customers may click to add goods to their shopping lists.

You can choose which link to display when a user adds a product to their wishlist by going to the settings. For instance, you may alter the link to offer the choices to “View wishlist” or “Remove from list” in place of the “Add to wishlist” button.

The Loop settings and the product page settings will appear after that. The location of the “Add to wishlist” button on the product page is up to you.

wishlist loop settings

It will by default appear after the “add to cart” button. Use the dropdown menu next to “Add to wishlist” to choose a different place on the product page.

After that, just scroll down to adjust the “add to wishlist” button’s color and design, as well as the wording for your wishlist.

change the text for add to wishlist button

When you’re finished, don’t forget to click the “Save Options” button at the bottom of the page.

You may then choose the item labeled “Wishlist page settings.”

Learn How to Add a Wishlist to Your WooCommerce Store

Your WooCommerce shop will get a new wishlist page thanks to the plugin. If you’d like, you may choose another page from the Wishlist page dropdown menu or use the [yith_wcwl_wishlist] shortcode to display wishlists on any page.

wishlist page options

The next step is to scroll down and choose which information should be shown in the wishlist table.

For instance, you may decide whether to display a product’s many variations, the date it was added to your wishlist, its price, and more.

details on wishlist page

Even better, you can add personalized wording when the list is posted on social media, choose which social media platforms users may use to publish their wishlists and do much more.

The plugin also has options for changing the text, style, and color of the share button, as well as other buttons for social networks.

share on social media options

After making the changes you want to the wishlist page settings, be sure to click the “Save Options” button.

‘Add to wishlist is now available on the product page of your WooCommerce shop, just below the Add to Cart button.

preview of add to wishlist button

The user may then peruse their wishlist, take things off it, or add goods to the basket after clicking the Add to wishlist link.

In addition, the plugin provides options for sharing the wishlist through email and WhatsApp, as well as on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

browse your wishlist

We trust that this post has shown you how to include a wishlist in your WooCommerce business. You may also be interested in our detailed tutorial on how to add a photo to an author in WordPress.

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