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Learn how to add a slide menu to WordPress themes

Learn how to add a slide menu to WordPress themes

Learn how to add a slide menu to WordPress themes – Would you want to provide your WordPress website with a slide panel menu?

Users of mobile devices will find it simpler to explore your website if you include a responsive menu. When they click your menu icon, a beautiful animation will make a panel menu slide onto the screen.

We’ll demonstrate how to add a sliding panel menu to WordPress themes in this post without using any code.

Learn how to add a slide menu to WordPress themes

Why would a WordPress theme have a slide-out menu?

Your visitors may navigate your WordPress website more easily with the aid of well-designed menus. Since many of your visitors will be using mobile devices, it’s important to check out your WordPress site’s mobile version to see how your navigation menu looks on smaller screens.

Fortunately, many WordPress themes include built-in styles that cause mobile-friendly menus to appear automatically when viewed on a tiny screen.

But you might want to change your mobile navigation even more by using an animated slide-panel menu or a menu that fills the whole screen.

In light of this, let’s look at how a slide panel menu can be added to a WordPress theme.

The best way to integrate a slide-out menu into your WordPress theme.

Installing and activating the Responsive Menu plugin is the first thing you should do.

We’ll use the free plugin for this tutorial even though the commercial version of Responsive Menu has additional themes and features like conditional logic.

Go to the Responsive Menu > Menus page after activation. Once there, choose ‘Create New Menu’ from the menu options at the top of the screen.

side menu create new menu

Then, four themes will appear for your new responsive menu, which you may choose from. There is a store where you can buy more themes.

We’ll utilize the automatically chosen theme for this lesson. The next step is to press the “Next” button.

slide menu choose theme

This will direct you to the page for Menu Settings. Here, you can give your responsive menu a name and choose whatever WordPress menu you want to see in the panel.

slide menu settings

You may also make your visitors only view the new slide panel menu by hiding the standard menu that comes with your WordPress theme. The ‘Hide Theme Menu’ area is where you put the CSS code to do this.

The code you must put here changes depending on the theme; click the “Know Additional” link for more information.

There are a few more options available to Pro version users. Pro users, for instance, may choose the platforms and webpages where the menu should appear.

Learn how to add a slide menu to WordPress themes

When you’re satisfied with the options, choose “Create Menu” from the menu at the bottom of the page. By doing so, you’ll be sent to a page where you may complete menu customization.

The right side of the screen will provide a sample of your website, and the options at the bottom enable you to choose between viewing it on a phone, tablet, or computer. On the left, there are various choices for personalization.

slide menu customize

This is the text that appears as the menu’s title and as a line of text that the plugin refers to as “extra content.”

You can change or hide the text by choosing “Mobile Menu” from the menu on the left of the page and then “Container.”

slide menu title text

The “Title Text” section allows you to enter any text, such as “Main Menu” or “Navigation,” as the title. Slide the “Title” switch to the off position if you don’t want a title to be shown.

You must then go down to the “Additional Content” option after that. Now you may disable this option or enter other text. You can see that the switch has been deactivated in the image below, obscuring the phrase “Add additional material here.”

slide menu additional content

Once you’re satisfied with the menu options, be sure to save your changes by clicking the ‘Update’ button at the bottom of the page.

There are several other settings available in the Responsive Menu plugin that let you modify the operation and presentation of your slide panel menu. You may review and modify these settings on the plugin’s settings page.

You may now visit your website to use the menu. See how it appears on our test website here. The current page will be highlighted with a color band if it is in the menu.

slide menu animation small

We really hope that this guide has taught you how to add a sliding panel menu to WordPress themes. If you’d like as well, learn how to add conditional logic to WordPress menus.

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